Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I like rosé and I cannot lie.

My dirty little secret is that I adore rosé.
Rosé is often thought of as a bit passé. It's the cousin of a good red, even sillier than a decent white. A lot of wine snobs think rosé is a drink for girls who don't know anything about wine. Fortunately, in recent years rosé has become more well respected and has begun to earn its rightful place on the shelves of good markets.
My very favorite wine is this lovely sparkler:

Totally a respectable, upmarket wine, right? Absolutely!
However, my love affair with rosé began many years ago with the purchase of a magnum of Oregon's own Pinot Noir Blanc by Shafer Vineyard. I think the magnum cost around $6. My best friend from college and I found it at Trader Joe's and thoroughly enjoyed it, though we also thoroughly objected to the label and were at several moments inspired to call the vineyard to express our opinion that their wine would be much more successful with a more modern label. They listened patiently to our criticism the first time, but you'll notice that they have yet to upgrade their label. Oh, well- you win some you lose some.


Blythe said...

I like rose. And I learned that, in the south of France (ie where Brangelina live), rose is the wine of choice.

I blame White Zinfandel for the snobbery. All those clicky manicured ladies who lunch and their White Zin.

distracted by genius said...

Ah, the south of France! I read A Year in Provence while I was in New England this spring and came home craving pink wine and butter lettuce salad with chevre and fresh bread. Thank goodness for New Seasons!
I bet you'll miss your proximity to France... but we'll be so glad to have you back!

Bartleby the Scribbler said...

*Sees mention of Shafer Vineyards*

*has to distract self from calling just ONE more time*

Surely, *this time* around they will understand--that label *horrors* simply will! not! do!

So with you on the Repugnican disgust these days. It's really quite psychologically affecting, which isn't good. :(