Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pool Party

On a very hot and sticky Sunday afternoon last summer I called our local pool to find out their hours. I was told that all Portland area pools were closed to the public after 5pm on Sundays for private events. In the Willamette Valley late afternoon and early evening is often the hottest part of a summer day, the part of the day least likely to have fog or breeze in high summer. When I put down the phone I decided right then and there that what I needed was a private event at the pool on a hot summer afternoon.

Last August we successfully rented a pool and invited 25 friends to join us. A delightful afternoon was had by all! It was a beautiful summer day and we squealed down the slide, played in-water basketball and capped it all off with a great potluck picnic in the park. We had so much fun it was decided that it had to be an annual event!

Back in early June I made our pool reservation... for today. For those of you not in the Northwest today you might think it's a great day for a pool party. You would be very, very wrong. Right now the weather sucks and it is actually supposed to get slightly worse (though a bit warmer) with actual thunder predicted for this afternoon. We almost never have thunderstorms in Oregon! Of course though, the Parks & Rec rules don't allow for changes or cancellations within 7 days of the event, so my heartiest friends and I will be enjoying a lovely evening at the pool, rain or shine...

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