Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Uses for Old Things

Lydia likes to run around upstairs after her bath. She puts on a crocheted hat (her Magic Hat), custom-made in Louisiana, and prances about. Sometimes she tells us she is exercising (see! we're setting good examples!), other times she just likes to read her books or dance in front of the mirror.
Lately, she's really outdone herself on the imagination front.
My old suitcase from my traveling days stands in a corner and Lydia was examining it last week. She also discovered some spare change on one of our night stands. Voila! She put the two together and has invented the first ever (that we know of) in-home cat dispensing machine. She takes a coin and drops it in the handle of the suitcase (it slides back out at her) and then, out of nowhere, she pretends that the suitcase (now a vending machine) has presented her with a cat. She'll often repeat the process to get cats for mama and daddy and when she gets bored with pretending to be holding her cat and meowing, she'll repeat the process for herself so she can get a new cat.

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